Some background . . . .

      Scutti have been successfully manufacturing bulk materials storage solution for some 40+ years. Initially starting with small capacity, fully welded construction, it soon became apparent that larger units were being sought throughout the world. The primary objective was to design an option to ‘on site welded’ or 'over-lapping bolted' types that required specialist installation teams & equipment and often resulted in excessive site times.

     Scutti took the overlapping bolted concept and then re-designed them around a flanged bolted concept – thus ensuring significant time & cost savings on installations – no specialist equipment or labour was a pre-requisite for achieving the ultimate goal. Next was to ensure high accuracy & repeatability in production – major investment was implemented to manufacture a range of precision jigs – initially for the 3.5Ø thru’ to 6.5Ø units. This was then further enhanced with additional investment into robotic welding rigs, to ensure quality & repeatability of all welding, with the added advantage of significantly reducing production lead times. Having proved a major success & rapidly increasing global client base the range was further enhanced with bigger diameter / capacity units, culminating in the newest addition to the range – the 12.5mØ series, largest of which is the 2600m³ capacity.

     This latest addition to the family has already seen many client orders and has, in its relatively short life, achieved many esteemed acclaims.

      Never knowingly limited, thou’ sometimes imitated !!!