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      Scutti silos have achieved an enviable client & reference list over many years of competent & professional service from concept thru' to after installation service. Some such supplies have been to some high profile clients / locations - such as the primary supply of bulk storage facilities to the ' Panama ship canal widening project' - supplying both primary contractors on either side of the canal - ready for the storage of an estimated 500,000 tonnes of cement for the duration of the construction phase.

      Other interesting supplies included the supply of bulk storage silos for the re-strengthening of a major dam in Iraq - installation was overseen by US troops ensuring safety of all installation personnel. A very interesting risk assessment had to be concurred before installation could commence!!

Some extracts from the
     'Panama Ship Canal - Widening Project'

Small excavation under way !!!!!

Bulk storage & mixing plant - viewed from the canal.

Main bulk storage silos - finished.

Main bulk storage silos - Panama ship canal.

Completed silo installation - Panama ship canal

Some extracts from the
      'Iraq - Dam Strengthening Project'

Finished silo installation, showing screw dischargers.

Finished installation, 16 silos in total.

Silo discharge cone after assembly.

Installation, with some intersting onlookers !!!